Thursday, May 28, 2009

Aussie Power

IPL 2 is over and the evenings now seem to be a big bore, I really dont know which channel to watch when I return from office. I am just waiting for the T20 world cup 2009 to start but i doubt if it will it have the thrills and frills of an IPL. This time round my blog is more on Aussie Power in IPL and world cricket.

IPL 2 ended with a winning team again being led by another Aussie great "Gilli". Now we have 2 aussies holding back to back IPL trophies. The question to be asked is when will an Indian captain ever win an INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE??. This is something for us to ponder. IPL teams have 7 Indian player's but all of them depend on the 4 foreign players to always perform and as usual they always do. Hayden is best example of an aussie depedency.

If we look the awards and accolades except for the purple cap winner "R.P. Singh" and under 23 years player "Rohit Sharma" the rest of the awards have been bagged by Aussies. So the Question to be asked is what special do these Aussies have which Indians or other cricketing nations seems to lack??. I think it is just the commitment, fire power and the never say die attitude.

The way Gilli played against Delhi showed us what world cricket seems to be missing and he left Viru scratching his bald head for ideas.I am die hard supporter of CSK and M.S Dhoni's captaincy in semi's was below par, which i would say was the main reason for CSK not making it to the final. But nothing can be taken away for Gilli's team which won the tournament after finishing last in IPL-1.

If fake IPL player is to be believed KKR will have a new captain in the form of RICKY PONTING and who knows he mite change KKR's fortunes and win the IPL -3 for them. Hope INDIAN captain can learn a trick or 2 from aussies and lift IPL-3.

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