Sunday, August 9, 2009

Are News channels = Rubbish?

Todays headlines Shruti Hassan wears a Bikini her movie luck. Aishwarya Rai claps with one hand in an awards function

Have Indian news channels lost its sanity or is the news of 21st century. This post of mine is centered around the quality of news which we viewers get to see these days . The top English new channels in India are NDTV, CNN IBN, TIMES NOW, HEADLINES TODAY and all of them seem to be following the same path in destroying the sanity of news.

When in comes to news we always think of NDTV and Pranoy Roy. He has been the brain child behind NDTV's success and with his band wagon of best journalists in India his channel had reached new heights and set standard when i came to news viewing. Sadly NDTV now has lost quite a few of his best journos as they moved out to start channels of their own and in the process the quality of NDTV's news has dropped.

Today an Indian TV viewer has a range of almost 20-30 news channels (including regional languages) to chose from. 1st Times of India newspaper set the trend by going Tabloid and now all the new channels seen to be following that path rather than broadcasting news or useful stuff. Thanks to the Saas bahu serials every news channels wants to sensationalize it by showing the same video 10 times giving it fancy jargons and news reports shouting at top of their voices.

The other day when i was watching breakfast news on Headlines today it was full of entertainment news and they repeated the same shit 4 -5 times in 20 min. Nowadays a news bulletin of 30 min contains 10 min of ads, 15 mins of shit news and 5 min of meaningful and sports news. News channels have become a platform for people to market their products, movies, shows and what not.

I find it difficult to understand if news itself has changed these days of the mass crowd prefers to see tabloid news in a sensational manner rather than watching something informative. I just hope the best journos of India understand that people just dont want to see only tabloid stuff and bring back the quality which was present in NEWS 5-6 years back.

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