Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chennai Traffic - A Menace

This blog of mine brings out my frustration about chennai traffic. I have stayed in chennai for 25 years now and have seen as the city develop progressively. We have developed slowly compared to other metros of India. As city seems to grow the traffic increasing at pace of 3x and traffic sense of people is fading at higher rate. Yes this city has completely lost it traffic sense and people take joy in breaking traffic rules.

In Chennai city people overtake only from the left, love to break signals and I doubt if people even know there is something called the stop line at signals. Driving in Chennai has now become an adventure ride and chances that someone will damage your car or bike while waiting in the signal are close to 90%. In Chennai no one cares about the traffic lights, they jump signals evade cops and get going. People of Chennai must have mastered this art of jumping signals.

Chennai city has one of the best public transport facilties in India, it has got trains, Buses, Autos, Rickshaw's and the latest addition to the list is SHARE AUTO. I really dont know who brought this concept of share autos and we may be the only city in India to have share autos. These share autos are the biggest menace on Chennai roads and have the most annoying drivers who stop in any part of the road to pick up people. They are the TATA nano's of Chennai public transport.

The James Bond of Chennai roads are the Bus Drivers (Includes Public and private buses) who have the license to thrill and kill while driving. They switch lanes at their will, break signals like it never existed and never stop by the bus stop and swear people who follow traffic rules.

As time goes by i fear if traffic in my city will be become like that Bihar. I cant blame the police completeley for the current state of traffic, as the citizens of Chennai show no interest to follow any rules and they also know that they can bribe the cops if caught for breaking rules.

I hope one day people learn to follow rules and driving becomes a pleasure in Chennai.