Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hi folks this is my 2nd post and this time around it is more on INDIAN election 2009. As we all know we are the biggest democracy of all times and our country is going into an election which would define INDIA's Image as a developing nation.

We have done well in the last 5 years to change the face of our nation by creating more jobs, more FDI invenstments, and SENSEX touching 21k but in the process we have been affected by number of attacks by terrorists, anti social elements like Raj Thackrey and Muthalik. All these things have dented our nations image and we have been tagged "NOT SAFE COUNTRY". Tournaments like Davis Cup and champioons league have been called off which is a shame for hospitable country like ours.

As we enter into the Phase 3 of elections Polling moves into important cities like mumbai, ahmedabad and many others. We all wish if INDIA can have a PM candidate like OBAMA who has brought about the change which USA needed for quite sometime. Not that he has turned the tables around but yes he has brought positve vibes not only to USA but also to the whole world.

The 15th Lok sabaha elections has 35% of its eligible voters categorised as "Youth" and this youth can make the difference in elections 2009. We as Youth of the nation need to vote and vote for the person who we think can bring the change and think like the common man.

We as country have suffered enough from terror attacks and it our duty now to see that we elect a PM who will put an end to such attacks and get our security beefed up to max and make our county non- penetrateable. What we need now is not anymore of Masjid's ,churches, temples or terrorist attacks. What we need is better education system, easier access to government systems, better roads, Platforms for the public, better public transport ,better drainage systems in cities so that cities are not submerged when we have torrential rainfall and most important of all what we need is NUCLEAR ENERGY sot that every part of our country can recieve electricity.

Our list of demands can go on and on but i would like to stop here for now. I urge every single eligible voter to exercise his VOTE POWER and help in bringing about the change which we need as a nation. Do not vote based on caste, creed or religion, VOTE for the person who you think can give our nation a btter future.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why work at Thoughtworks

Now that is the question I had asked a lot of people when i got an offer from Thoughtworks India to join their organization as a Business Analyst. I was very skeptical to leave Satyam Computer ServicesLtd., and join TW india as it is a small company with just $150 million dollar revenue. But if i look at my decision now after 5 months in TW I have made the right decision to join TW. The offer came at a very Important time in career when i was looking out a job which will help me grow and gain knowledge in the field of business analysis.

I work as a Busineess analyst for a e-commerce, shopping cart stuff project. This is my 1st e-comm project and also the first time i am working in Agile software development environment.The culture at TW is so differnent from other BIG IT services industry and the knowledge that people have here is just amazing, which makes you think god does such a IT environment exist in Indian IT industry

I am not going into the details as what kind of work the BA does in TW but yes, if you want to learn and have a broader vision of how good software is to be developed then Thoughtworks is the place. This place makes you feel good and challenges you everytime to get the best out of you. We dont have any cabin culture here at TW, we follow a dining table format where everyone works together and all your team members are visible across the table. You may feel there is nothing special in dining table format but beleive me it improves communication within the team and gives a different feel all togehter.

For me all this was so different as i was used to working in a heirracial organisation with cabin or workstation culture and coming in formals to office, but this was completely different atmosphere.

TW is very transparent in all its process right from the time of your interiew. The interviews for BA is pretty challenging. You are given a case study to solve and you need to come out with a good solution for the given case study. This basically tests your analysis, visualiazation, negotiation and other BA skills. If you are successfull in clearing the 1st round, then you have 2 written tests which is common for all roles in TW. Last you have one final interview round with a senior member of the office like the general manager. Here you may again get tested on your BA skill set and also the reason why you want to work at Thougtworks and what is expected out of if you join the organization.

Coming to the Fun at work, there is a lot fun compared to other organisation, fun events vary for each locations, you can chill in the evening by playing Nintedo Wii or orgnaise Age of empires Gaming hours. There is a lot to look forward when it comes to fun at TW. TW provides lunch and snacks for all its employee at no extra cost. Last thing i would like to say which i hate in TW is lotus notes as a e-mail client. If you want to have an exciting career in IT come join us.

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